At Zac-Tex Foundation Repair, we offer foundation repair services that will give your home the stability it needs. If you are experiencing problems with your foundation, you want to do everything you can to keep your home a safe place to live. Our team of highly trained experts have the training and experience needed to inspect your foundation and give you a free estimate to cover the repairs that may be necessary. Following are some of the foundation repair services we have to offer. Contact us to learn more.

Slab Foundation Repair Services

For many homes, a slab on grade foundation makes sense. These foundations are created to rise and fall with the swelling and shrinking of the soil beneath them. Sometimes, these continued fluctuations can cause problems with a slab foundation though. The experts at Zac-Tex Foundation Repair can repair any problem you may be having with your slab foundation. Once we are done, you will be left with superior results and a sound foundation once again.

Signs of Slab Foundation Failure

Homes that have extremely shallow footings are most likely to have problems with their slab foundation. If you notice that there are cracks in your flooring, or areas that are uneven, you could have foundation issues. Other signs include: external brick cracking, internal sheetrock cracking and sticking doors and windows.

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Services

Most of the homes that were built before 1960 are built with a pier and beam foundation. With the use of concrete blocks and foundation beams, they are a supportive foundation for any home. These foundations have the ability to offer extreme support for homes that are built on clay soil. They are also easier to gain access to when there are repairs that need to be made. Zac-Tex Foundation Repair has a team of experts that deliver superior foundation results when working with pier and beam foundations.

Signs of Pier & Beam Foundation Failure

Much like a slab foundation issue, the main indication of a problem lies in the floor. Aside from cracks and large gaps, you may notice that your floor is starting to creak more than it should. Some more common signs of foundation trouble include: cracked tiles or sinking and bowing of the floor, windows and doors that won’t open and shut properly or interior sheetrock cracks.

Drainage Solutions

One of the best ways to arm your foundation against future issues, lies in the drainage system of your home. At Zac-Tex Foundation Repair, we offer several drainage solutions to keep your foundation safe from the destruction caused by water. Some of our drainage solutions include: sloping soil away from home, surface drains and French drains.

Foundation Repair Services in Balch Springs, TX | Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas

If you have any question that your foundation may be compromised, the professionals at Zac-Tex Foundation Repair offer inspections and free estimates to keep your foundation strong. You won’t regret choosing us for your foundation repair needs. Call us today for more information about our foundation repair services.

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