Causes of Foundation Failure & Remedial Measures in Dallas, TX; Poor Soil Condition & More

The foundation of a home is where the most structural damage can often be found. This major part of your home’s stability needs to be properly cared for to avoid failure. When you have foundation problems, it can mean your home isn’t as safe as it should be, and having a structurally sound home is crucial. Zac-Tex Foundation Repair is here to talk about the most common reasons that we see foundation failure and what you can do to avoid it. The more you know about foundation failure prevention, the safer your foundation will be.

Poor Soil Condition Can Affect Foundation Stability

You don’t always have control over the soil conditions your home is built on. The components that make up the soil on your property play a big part on the stability of your home’s foundation. As you are looking for a place to live, it is a good idea to inquire about the soil conditions of the property.

Poor Concrete Site Preparation

During the construction process of your home, the ground needs to be properly prepared and compacted before building the home. If this wasn’t done properly, then the strength of the soil beneath your home puts your home at risk. You will find that your home will settle and heave much more and large pressure changes in the foundation will take place. This can lead to cracking and damage that can be costly. If you’re moving into a home that has already been built, it is important that you have the proper inspections take place to ensure your foundation is stable and free from damage.

Evaporation Can Cause Foundation Failure

In the southern states, we experience dry, hot temperatures during the summer. When this happens, there is evaporation that can happen in the soil which makes it shrink under the foundation. This causes voids in the soil and causes the foundation to sink in many places. You can avoid this problem by running your sprinklers enough throughout the week to give the soil enough hydration to avoid shrinking.

Plumbing Problems Can Lead to Failing Foundations

As plumbing ages, it can end up breaking and cracking as the soil heaves and changes. If there are broken or damaged pipes, it can cause the foundation to heave because the plumbing problems cause too much swelling. Having your plumbing checked regularly will help you avoid this problem.

Failing Foundation Drainage Problems

The drainage system on your home will make or break your foundation. Water needs to flow away from your foundation to avoid problems. Having gardens and other planter beds right next to the foundation can cause issues if you aren’t careful. Too much water near your foundation is never a good thing.

Foundation Repair Services in Balch Springs, TX | Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas

If you are worried that you have a foundation issue, the experts at Zac-Tex Foundation Repair can help. We offer foundation inspections to help you locate any problems that may be present. We have the experience and the training to repair your foundation so your home has the support and stability that is needs. Call us today!

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